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Publications : Benedikt Becker

[3] Benedikt Becker, Nicolas Jeannerod, Claude Marché, Yann Regis-Gianas, Sighireanu Mihaela, and Ralf Treinen. Analysing installation scenarios of Debian packages. working paper or preprint, November 2019. [ bib | full text on HAL ]
[2] Benedikt Becker, Claude Marché, Nicolas Jeannerod, and Ralf Treinen. Revision 2 of CoLiS language: formal syntax, semantics, concrete and symbolic interpreters. Technical report, HAL Archives Ouvertes, October 2019. [ bib | full text on HAL ]
[1] Benedikt Becker and Claude Marché. Ghost code in action: Automated verification of a symbolic interpreter. In Supratik Chakraborty and Jorge A.Navas, editors, Verified Software: Tools, Techniques and Experiments, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, New York, United States, July 2019. [ bib | full text on HAL ]

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