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Publications : David Declerck

[2] Sylvain Conchon, David Declerck, and Fatiha Zaïdi. Compiling parameterized x86-tso concurrent programs to cubicle-w. In Zhenhua Duan and Luke Ong, editors, International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, number 10610 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 88--104, 2017. [ bib ]
[1] Sylvain Conchon, David Declerck, Luc Maranget, and Alain Mebsout. V√©rification de programmes C concurrents avec Cubicle : Enfoncer les barri√®res. In Vingt-cinquièmes Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs, Fréjus, France, January 2014. [ bib | full text on HAL ]

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