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Publications : Clément Fumex

[3] Clément Fumex, Claude Marché, and Yannick Moy. Automated verification of floating-point computations in Ada programs. Research Report RR-9060, Inria, April 2017. [ bib | full text on HAL ]
[2] Clément Fumex, Claire Dross, Jens Gerlach, and Claude Marché. Specification and proof of high-level functional properties of bit-level programs. In 8th NASA Formal Methods Symposium, volume 9690 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Minneapolis, MN, USA, June 2016. Springer. [ bib | full text on HAL ]
[1] Claire Dross, Clément Fumex, Jens Gerlach, and Claude Marché. High-level functional properties of bit-level programs: Formal specifications and automated proofs. Research Report 8821, Inria, December 2015. [ bib | full text on HAL ]

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