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Publications : Thibaut Hilaire

[4] Thibault Hilaire, Hacène Ouzia, and Benoit Lopez. Optimal Word-Length Allocation for the Fixed-Point Implementation of Linear Filters and Controllers. In ARITH 2019 - IEEE 26th Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, pages 175--182, Kyoto, Japan, June 2019. IEEE. [ bib | DOI | full text on HAL | .pdf ]
Keywords: fixed-point arithmetic ; word-length allocation
[3] Anastasia Volkova, Thibault Hilaire, and Christoph Lauter. Arithmetic approaches for rigorous design of reliable fixed-point LTI filters. working paper or preprint, November 2018. [ bib | full text on HAL ]
Keywords: Eigendecomposition ; Gershgorin circles ; Reliable Computations ; Floating-Point Arithmetic ; Digital Filters ; Interval Arithmetic ; Multiple Precision ; Fixed-Point Arithmetic ; Table Maker's Dilemma
[2] Diane Gallois-Wong, Sylvie Boldo, and Thibault Hilaire. A Coq formalization of digital filters. August 2018. [ bib | DOI | full text on HAL | .pdf ]
[1] Anastasia Volkova, Matei Istoan, Florent de Dinechin, and Thibault Hilaire. Towards hardware IIR filters computing just right: Direct form I case study. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2018. [ bib | full text on HAL ]
Keywords: computer arithmetic ; fixed-point ; FPGA ; error analysis ; digital filters ; constant multiplication

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