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Networking (Réseaux)

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as of 30 September 2013
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The networking group of LRI is constituted of four faculty members and ten non-permanent members.
The team is developing research in the field of computer networks. These works relate to wireless and mobile ad hoc networks, sensor networks and fixed networks. The issues addressed by the team in these different types of networks concern quality of service, security, admission control, resource reservation, calculation of deterministic bounds and energy consumption.

To address these problems, the methodology is to propose algorithmic solutions that take into account the constraints of implementation in existing or future networks. The performance analysis is given both theoretically to determine limit bounds and by simulation to enrich the analysis and include support for a dynamic environment. The group also offers several implementations of these solutions on real systems. The group makes benefits of many years of expertise and develops a simulation platform and a free software implementation of an ad hoc network (from physical to application layers).

Group Members
  Group leader
    MARTIN Steven

Research activities

Recent Ph.D. dissertations & faculty habilitations
  Network Coding for Quality of Service in WirelessMulti-hop Networks
  Vers une meilleure qualité de service dans les réseaux sans fil multi-sauts
  Spectrum management in cognitive radio networks

PhD Defense of Mohammad Abdul Awal
Mohammad Abdul Awal
26 October 2011 14h00

Wireless Body Sensor Networks for Healthcare
Yu Ge Julia
14 October 2011 14h00

On Uncoordinated Cooperative Communication Strategies in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
Dr. Lavy Libman
17 June 2010 14h00

Performance analysis of FEC recovery for streaming
Prof. Yutaka Takahashi
9 October 2009 14h00

On Scalable and Accurate Models for the User Wireless Workload
Maria Papadopouli
25 September 2009 11h00

Leonardi : l'approche Model-Driven" appliquée à la production d'IHM
Jean-Luc SAOULI (Dirigeant et fondateur LYRIA - Directeur technique W4)
8 January 2009 10h00

Data communication and coordination in wireless sensor and sensor-actuator networks
Ivan Stojmenovic
16 June 2008 14h00

Résultats majeurs
Software & patents