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Logiciel ModHelX
ModHelX - ModHel'X - A framework for heterogeneous modeling
Date de dernière version : 17 juillet 2014

Responsable : BOULANGER Frédéric

ModHel'X is a framework for simulating multi-formalism models. A multi-formalism model is a model in which several modeling formalisms (or languages) are jointly used. The main issue in this context is to determine the global behavior of the model.
To address this issue, ModHel'X is based on the concept of Model of Computation. ModHel'X is able to simulate the behavior of multi-formalism models using the descriptions of the different Models of Computation involved in the model and the descriptions of the “glues” to use for adapting the semantics between the heterogeneous parts of the model.
In ModHel'X, the execution of a multi-formalism model is a sequence of snapshots of its behavior. Each snapshot is computed by combining observations of the components of the model using the rules expressed by the involved Models of Computation.

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Logiciel - Licence : EPL

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