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Software Codalab

Codalab - Codalab
Date of the last release: 01 January 2021

Person in charge : GUYON Isabelle

CodaLab Competitions is a powerful open source framework for running competitions that involve result or code submission. You can either participate in an existing competition or host a new competition.

Most competitions hosted on Codalab are machine learning (data science) competitions, but Codalab is NOT limited to this application domain. It can accommodate any problem for which a solution can be provided in the form of a zip archive containing a number of files to be evaluated quantitatively by a scoring program (provided by the organizers). The scoring program must return a numeric score, which is displayed on a leaderboard where the performances of participants are compared.

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Research activities

  LETOURNEL Anne-Catherine

  Learning and Optimization
  Software development

Joint Inria project team
Software & patents
Deep Neural Architectures for DNA


Low-cost Solution for Tangible Interfaces