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Research results
Software GCC ICI
GCC ICI - GCC Interactive Compilation Interface
Date of the last release: 11 March 2009

Person in charge : FURSIN Grigori

The aim of the Interactive Compilation Interface (ICI) is to transform compilers such as GCC (production quality non-research compiler that supports many languages and architectures) or Open64 into research compiler with minimal changes. We use it to enable research on practical iterative fine-grain program optimizations for different constraints (performance, code size, power consumption, DSE, different ISAs, etc), to unify optimization knowledge reuse among different programs and architectures using statistical and machine learning techniques, and to improve default compiler optimization heuristic. We expect that this will simplify the design of future compilers and make them modular and extensible with automatically tuned optimization heuristic easily adaptable to different architectures and constraints.

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Software - Licence : GPL

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Software & patents

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