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Research results

GenoQuery - Querying genomic data warehouse

Person in charge : FROIDEVAUX Christine

GenoQuery is a module for querying a relational genomic warehouse, which is based on an original multi-layer architecture of the warehouse, made of two layers, the entities layer and the databases layer. We have further distinguished two levels in the entities layer: abstract entities that are extracted from the databases and concrete entities that are views of these abstract entities in the databases.

Authors : Frédéric Lemoine, Christine Froidevaux.

GenoQuery has been developped in collaboration with Bernard Labedan (IGM).

Reference : F. Lemoine, B. Labedan, and C. Froidevaux. Genoquery: a new querying module for functional annotation in a genomic warehouse. Bioinformatics, 24(13):i322–329, 2008.

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Research activities

  FROIDEVAUX Christine
  LEMOINE Frédéric

Software & patents
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