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Faculty habilitation de FURTLEHNER Cyril
Faculty habilitation
Group : Learning and Optimization

Statistical Physics methods for machine learning and traffic forecasting

Starts on 18/06/2020
Advisor :

Funding :
Affiliation : vide
Laboratory :

Defended on 18/06/2020, committee :
- Cécile Appert-Rolland (Dr. LPT Paris-Saclay)
- Adriano Barra (Pr. Université Salento)
- Alexander Hartmann (Pr. Université Oldenburg)
- Jean-Pierre Nadal (Dr. ENS, Pr. EHESS)
- Kirone Mallick (CEA IPht, Pr. Ecole polytechnique)
- Martin Weigt (LCQB, Pr. Université Sorbonne)
- Lenka Zdeborova (CEA Ipht)

Research activities :

Abstract :
I will present recent and less recent research activities relative to different applications of statistical physics methods to traffic modellinginference and machine learning. As a
guideline the transverse notion of pattern formation will be exploited to make sense of large scale behavior of the various stochastic processes, distributed algorithms and learning mechanisms I will be discussing.