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Ph.D de

Group : Networking

Distributed Algorithms for Security and Quality of Service in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Starts on 01/10/2004
Advisor : AL AGHA, Khaldoun
[Khaldoun AL AGHA]

Funding : AM
Affiliation : Université Paris-Saclay
Laboratory : LRI

Defended on 29/09/2008, committee :
Khaldoun AL AGHA
Walter GROTE
Philippe JACQUET
Fabrice VALOIS

Research activities :
   - Distributed algorithms
   - Ad hoc networks
   - Wireless networks
   - Mobile networks

Abstract :
Mobile ad hoc networks pose new challenges in terms of routing and security. Mature proposed routing protocols assume the complete cooperation of the nodes and in particular the absence of malicious nodes. As the retransmission of data packets is not taken care of by proactive protocols themselves, it is not enough to secure the latter to prevent malicious nodes from dropping the former while playing by the rules in control messages. We propose a detection method for these droppings that provides a reliability metric used in a QoS proactive link-state routing protocol to find paths going around malicious nodes. Performance evaluation by simulation shows acceptable results and the implementation in an experimental OLSR protocol platform revealed a few interesting problems for which we have already proposed some solutions.

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