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Ph.D de

Group : Human-Centered Computing

Capturing traces of the dance learning process

Starts on 01/10/2017
Advisor : MACKAY, Wendy

Funding : contrat doctoral du Ministère
Affiliation : Université Paris-Saclay
Laboratory : LRI - HCC

Defended on 11/12/2020, committee :
Président :
- Michel-Ange Amorim, Professeur, université Paris-Saclay

Rapporteurs et examinateurs :
- Mme. Celine Latulipe, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
- M. Jacob Buur, Professeur, University of Southern Denmark

Examinatrices :
- Sylvie Gibet, Professeure, université de Bretagne Sud
- Lian Loke, Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Directrice de thèse :
- Wendy Mackay, Professeure, Université Paris-Saclay

Co-directrice de thèse :
- Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Maitre de Conférences, Université Paris-Saclay

Co-directeur de thèse :
- Baptiste Caramiaux, Chargé de recherche CNRS, Sorbonne Université, ISIR

Research activities :

Abstract :
This thesis focuses on designing interactive tools to understand and support dance learning from videos. Dancers' learning practice represents a rich source of information for researchers interested in designing systems that support motor learning. Indeed, dancers embody a wide range of skills that they reuse during new dance sequences learning. However, these skills are in part the result of embodied implicit knowledge.

I argue that we can capture and save traces of dancers' embodied knowledge and use them to design interactive tools that support dance learning. My approach is to study real-life dance learning tasks in individual and collaborative settings. Based on the findings from all the studies, I discuss the challenge of capturing embodied knowledge to support dancers' learning practice. My thesis highlights that although dancers' learning processes are diverse, similar strategies emerge to structure their learning process. Finally, I bring and discuss new perspectives to the design of movement-based learning tools.